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USS Cygnus

By Mike Walston

This is my build of the 1979 model, USS Cygnus, from Disney's The Black Hole. The MPC kit was molded in VERY opaque silver plastic. I decided to cut out sections of the ship and replace them with 1/32 inch thick plastic pieces that I designed on CorelDraw. Those sections were backlit with 18 amber LEDs. The forward observation domes and the control tower were lit with four more LEDs; and the rear engines have six blue LEDs. Engraved black and chrome gold aluminum plates were used to detail the bare areas of the kit.

Flat gray and various shades of yellow (mostly gloss yellow and Bauhaus Gold) were used to finish the ship. Flat black was used to fill in the unlit areas. I've included photos of some of the 81 original kit parts, and a sampling of the 122 plastic and metal detail parts that I added. There's also a close-up shot of the scratch-built hangar deck that I added to the rear of the ship to match one of the original concept paintings of the Cygnus by famed SF artist Bob McCall.


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