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Captain Nemo's Nautilus

By Dan Thompson

This is a scratch built model of Jules Verne's Nautilus in 1/96 scale. My original intent was to build a model of the most famous version of the ''Nautilus,'' that seen in the Disney movie. But, at the time and place that I built this model, there were very few references available. Basically, I had my memories of the movie and a couple of pictures of the ship that had been published in a magazine. Of course, I also had the novel as reference. As a result, my model is sort of a hybrid of the movie and the book in that it incorporates many details and the overall look of the ship as seen in the movie, but it has the proportions of the submarine described in the novel. So it is longer in proportion to its beam than is the movie vessel.

More pictures and description of the build can be found here


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